On and around the island of Texel there is much to do and see. Click here for more information on various activities on Texel.

Bicycle rental

Biking on Texel is an ideal way to enjoy your holiday. Texel has over 140 kilometers of bike paths throughout the island. You can reach places that can not be reached by car.

It is possible to rent bikes online in advance and have them delivered to our campsite (on your arrival day or another day during your stay). Click here for more information and or reservations online. If you want the bikes to be delivered to our campsite you have to make sure you include this in your rental application.

For delivery address you have to fill out: Camping De Waal - Your Name - Oosterenderweg 2, De Waal.

Sandwiches breakfast

As of now you can order fresh rolls, so you do not have to leave the campsite for a delicious breakfast. There are many sandwiches to choose from. The next morning the fresh sandwiches are delivered, so you can start your day with a nice breakfast!