We grow about 10 acres of potatoes. These are the varieties Spunta, Carlita and Innovator (potatoes chips for McDonald's).

In April we plant the potatoes. On 1 hectare 70.000 potatoes are planted. After planting the new crop is fertilized. During the growing season, there is monitoring of crop growth and diseased plants (diseased plants are removed immediately). If the seed potatoes meet the quality requirements, they are sold as seed potatoes. In August or September we harvest the potatoes. When the potatoes have dried , they are placed in boxes at a temperature of about 3 degrees. When kept at this temperature, there will be no sprouts on the potatoes. From November the seed potatoes are delivered, beforehand they are sorted and selected in certain sizes. Our seed potatoes are exported among others to Mediterranean countries. 1 hectare produces about 35.000 pounds of seed potatoes.